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The children of the city of Reggio Emilia again give voice to this most powerful and anguished question ....

In GAZZETTA DI REGGIO, the regional newspaper of Reggio Emilia, yesterday the Director of the city's preschools published an article celebrating the life and legacy of Loris Malaguzzi, the co-founder of the city's approach and development of early childhood services. 

But not only is it a celebration, Nando Rinaldi brings to our attention the importance of Malaguzzi's message and mission for today - he reminds us that for all those engaged in creating a 'democratic culture of childhood', the campaign very much continues. Below are some (translated) extracts from Mr. Rinaldi's article .....

Today marks 30 years since the death of Loris Malaguzzi, the inspirer of the educational philosophy known throughout the world as the Reggio Emilia Approach. Although the city has always chosen to celebrate the birthday (February 23rd), rather than the death, of this intellectual who was both visionary and concrete, this anniversary is an opportunity for a reflection that can bring together the thoughts and continue the dialogue on education issues.

He taught us to "free up hopes for a new culture of humanity" but also that "every occupied outpost of childhood is called to resist."

He was able to intelligently give voice to children's rights A vision of a competent child with knowledge and resources "insiders". "I don't know if we are aware of being in times of great political and social risk. The destinies of childhood play difficult moments. Every occupied outpost of childhood is called today to hold on, to resist , to consolidate against any possible erosion. Childhood is a culture always at risk" (L. Malaguzzi, 1990).

Malaguzzi taught us, and I say this first of all as a child who attended those nurseries and schools, to be bearers of a new culture, "to release hopes for a new culture of humanity", which represents presents a challenge that is still current and emerging even today in certainly changed, but no less challenging conditions, which require courage and innovation and which call all of us and the Reggio community to continue in their commitment and his great work.

by Nando Rinaldi, director of the Schools and Nurseries Institution of the Municipality of Reggio

Here in the UK 'a new culture of childhood' is certainly  challenged, and there are many educators, parents and advocates being valiant in championing a new outlook (and most of us are keenly aware of the acute challenges of the  times. It is important to know that we are part of an international direction - and to act locally, and in connection with this direction.