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Help us to change education ...

Children are curious, creative, and playful explorers, every parent and teacher knows this: the challenge is to make education fit for these creative learners.

For more than 15 years we have worked with thousands of children, their teachers and schools, creating long lasting positive educational experiences that set young people up for life.

Our work is not random – it is research and evidence based. The life-changing results are there for all to see.

We rely on different stakeholders in helping us to achieve our goal of a reinvigorated and revitalised education system for all:

  • Educators – you are key in a re-focused approach to learning, with creativity, curiosity and play at its heart.
  • Parents – you have the power to influence the way your child learns – at home and in nursery or school – and support their learning.
  • Businesses – we rely on forward-thinking and socially-aware companies to support our work with sponsorship and investment.
  • Individual supporters – support, efforts and donations of people who share our educational values are vital to our continuing work.

"We want as many people as possible to be aware of, and involved in, our work. Children depend on us adults to make places of education fit for their expectation and potentials. And need to be fit for the job, to be creative, determined, researchful and informed, in the process." Robin Duckett, Director.

Here are ways in which you can Be Part Of It:

    Listen to the reflections of children, educators and parents in these clips from project work, professional development and publications to find out what our work has helped achieve.

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    We do not get funding from government – we raise money ourselves for projects and through coaching and courses.

    In the past, trusts and foundations including the John Allbar Trust, Surestart, Arts Council England, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Natural England, Big Lottery, Youth Music, individuals, schools and local authorities hve recognised and financially supported the work we have done. However, in these difficult times, contributions are harder to come by, and the basic life of an independent advocacy organisation such as ours becomes problemmatic.

    We need your help! By donating to Sightlines Initiative, you will be enabling a quiet revolution for change.

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    We've always had an action-research approach. We put our principles into practice in our projects and professional development, and continuously reflect and develop them as we work.

    Our projects and professional development courses are voyages of discovery for all. Reflect on our journeys through our publications and our considerable library of articles for members.

    If they encourage you, they're likely to encourage others: please do share these with parents, students, educators, schools

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    In order for change to happen, we need to debate and discuss education with others.
    Look at what we do; what we and others have achieved. Explore it; tell others so we can make a lasting difference for our children and future generations:

    • Friends: Making people aware of Sightlines and our work will help us to increase our profile and continue what we have started.
    • Fellow educators: share what you learn, spread the word with colleagues – teachers are on the front line in the battle against top-down, target-driven education and are leaving in their droves. It doesn’t have to be like this.
    • Parents: there is more to your child’s education than the ‘one size for all’ approach. Understanding this is and letting others know that there are other options are the first real steps to change.
    • Nurseries and schools: Support and encourage your child’s teacher and school to create the vision of education which they have in their hearts.
    • Politicians: We want to change the way governments look at education. Politicians are there to represent you – let them know how you feel about education and what should be done.
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    • Access a fantastic resource library of education articles and links.

    We are looking to develop a members’ section for parents and other advocates. Get in touch to let us know what you would want from a parent’s membership.

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JOIN US to make a difference that lasts, for our children and future generations.