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Robin Duckett

You, Do You Want War?

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The children of the city of Reggio Emilia again give voice to this most powerful and anguished question ....

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Network member Nursery in Hackney seek experienced educator

Highly important - attentive observation, expressive languages, the natural environment, parental involvement. Is this you? 

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Can the children in your place of learning 'ask their own questions?'

This poem is such a strong reminding voice, of the child  in education asking simply for a creative partnership with her educators. 

It is an increasingly important message for the doorposts of our schools, we think.

I was reminded of it, in preparing for our Study Group to the schools of Reggio Emilia this coming October. There are still spaces available for this powerful experience for today's early childhood educators and advocates.

(If you right-click the image you should be able to download and print a poster for your walls.)

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