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Robots - Friends & Fixers: 'Learning Together at Home'

 Here is another in our suggestions series: Learning Together at Home (If you haven't already, click on the link to sign up for news and to participate.)

We would like to invite the children to design and make and robot and tell us what it is for? It will give them the opportunity to use their imagination, design ideas, making skills, to problem solve and share their thoughts and creative ideas. They could re-purpose household objects, use recycling material and other materials from around the home (with your agreement). Please send us photos of what the children have made or a photo of their drawing of what it could be; and the children's thoughts on it for us share.

" We would like to invite you to make a robot and to tell us what it is for? You could use recycling materials or re-purpose household objects or materials, but please do ask your parents first before using anything. We would love to see your imaginative ideas, your designs and what you've made. If you prefer to draw rather than make, you could draw you're design. Tell us about your thinking in designing and making and your ideas about what the robot would do?"

Here's a first example, from Edward and Thomas, in Penrith:

Edward (7) made his robot and has called him Robo Bob. “He would be a spy and also get me cake!”. Thomas (5) couldn’t decide how to make his robot so made a set of instructions that we used to build his robot together. “He would be a pet robot who would get chocolate for us to share together”.
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Saturday, 09 December 2023

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