Playfulness in Environments of Creative Learning

3 ways

In this session we will considering our ideas of play – what is it? what is it for? who determines this? – to focus on playfulness. The basis for this will be an exploration of children’s naturally playful learning and how this compares with adults’ constructs about play.

Adults who begin by closely considering children’s feelings associated with playfulness are far better placed to be insightful in their provision of dynamic learning environments.

We will

  • look at how we can foster playfulness and creativity through our relationships and ways of being with children
  • explore playful possibilities within the learning environments we create, and
  • discuss the value of developing our own playfulness to work in reciprocal, playful ways with children.

This seminar is organised in collaboration with House of Imagination, of which our guest presenter Dr. Karen McInnes is an associate.

Dr Karen McInnes has a background in working with children as a speech and language therapist, early years teacher, play therapist. Her PhD focused on play and playfulness in young children, and she continues to research, write and present on play and playfulness.

Dates, Details & Booking

Date Tuesday 6th October 2020
Price £35
Member Discount £5
Presenters Dr. Karen McInnes
Times 4 - 5.30pm
Location/Map online
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