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Under Threes

Comments from 2015 weekend

"It was a strong conference: Elena was wonderful on both days, particularly Sunday, especially her thoughts on our obsession on care as opposed to education and her thoughts on key working as opposed to team working.It is being hotly discussed by my team.
The examples of documentation from Little Barn Owls and Hillsview were generously shared by them and my team were interested in this and Elena's responses to them. Again this has provoked discussion on how we get tied up with the objects we are using instead of the processes the children are working through."
Gill Reece-Jones, Halifax, UK

"Myself and Jodie just wanted to say thank you for a great day yesterday. We came away with lots to think about, most of it challenging our own thinking and ways of working. Even though we both were nervous we really enjoyed the discussions and reflections around each settings everyday challenges and examples of work shared. It was an amazing opportunity to have such personal insights into the work from Reggio and listening to Elena and all the others was inspiring."
Rebecca Kilshaw, Little Barn Owls, Horsham, UK

"I felt that many thoughts about a focused and listened educator, I got confirmed.
The significance of environment and materials. What question has been asked on this place? What will the environment tell me?
Like she said Elena – What invites the children to do more?
Children have rights. They bring culture.
Challenging to find the right questions who open up, investigate questions which generates other issues.
Children give You the answer in that way you ask. Feed the question and it will open up the conversation the children's questions and theories.
Questions challenges the teachers knowledge."
Tove Collmar, Stockholm, Sweden

"I really enjoyed the occasion. The morning session with Elena inspired me and left me with many more questions to ask myself. I also enjoyed the UK presenters in the afternoon, their passion and excitement was obvious ..."
Kerri Croft, Australia

"The day was as inspiring as always: I wish that everyone had been there!"
Sally Jaeckle, Bristol, UK