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Hello and welcome to our online store. It is a resource for all engaged in researching and developing reflective practice in early childhood education.

We have an exciting selection of resources designed to inspire, encourage and guide, in the work of creating expressive, interest-based learning approaches and environments for young children. We find that those interested in all phases of education find much to inspire them here.

We have material from three sources:

Sightlines Initiative and ReFocus: professional development material written for UK early childhood education, from experiences of action research

Reggio Children: Nearly the entire catalogue of publications from the preschools of Reggio Emilia. We are the key suppliers of this material in the UK, and can also supply internationally. The publications from Reggio\'s preschools are an outstanding international reference in the work of building reflective educational practice

Other selected publishers: we retail a selection of other publication which we think are particularly helpful for contemporary creative change

There is a wide selection and we also welcome your call if you are interested in a particular subject or publication.

Sightlines Initiative publications

Over the years, as we've conducted action-research work, we've sought to learn from them step by step. Inour publications we seek to provide ongoing resources for other educators in their researches and creating of fit learning environments.

Our ReFocus Journal, published bi-annually between 2004 and 2010, commissioned and collected a wide variety of articles from across the national and international network of educators inspired by the work of REggio Emilia's preschools. Although we cannot currently afford to continue publishing the magazine, this is a project for the future, when we again aquire the resourcing. The journals remain an excellent source of reference and learning.

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