W Midlands Network Meeting

What is Democracy? What does Democracy currently look like in our settings?


imagine2The network group are exploring this question and will be exploring examples from various settings. We welcome new participants into this discussion.

Here are some of the elements we are looking at:

  • Finding out what Democracy actually means.
  • Where are we with democracy within our settings? What does it look like in our setting?
  • What are the challenges within democracy?
  • Culturally in England what does democracy mean?
  • Why is democracy a value in the principles of Reggio Emilia?
  • Taking the discussions back to the whole team – important!
  • What does democracy represent within the British Fundamental Values?
  • What are the cultural behaviours of Italy – of Reggio Emilia?
  • Who are we?
  • What are the ethics of our practice? What do ethics mean? What makes ethical practice?

The venue is Imagine Early Years, at Wyken Community Centre. Please arrive early for drinks and cake!

Dates, Details & Booking

Date Saturday 7th July 2018
Price £10
Member Discount 100%
Times 10 - 12.30
Location/Map Wyken Community Centre, Coventry

We are no longer accepting registration for this event