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Swedish Preschools - learning in two decades of dialogue with Reggio

  • Are you an educator or centre actively engaged in evolving your pedagogy with reference to the preschools of Reggio Emilia?
  • Have you already visited Reggio's preschools and would like to encounter preschools in Sweden  who are also on similarly inspired pedagogical journeys?

Sightlines Initiative Network and the ReggioEmilia Institute of Sweden have had a collaboration spanning more than two decades, and we are delighted to announce a 2024 opportunity for educators  once again to visit, meet and dialogue.

The three days' programme will begin at Stockholm Reggio Emilia Institutet building in the gardens of Kungsholmen, central Stockholm, and we recommend that you arrive during the prior weekend, and stay in nearby accommodation, in good time to orient yourselves. 

The price includes the course itself, excluding lunches which can be had in the city nearby the Institute.

For any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


3-Day Programme Outline


1) 'What Swedish preschools have learned from Reggio Emilia': Greger Rösnes, managing director, Reggio Emilia Institute

educational environments - from tradition to change; examples from a living practice; 'the knowledge view and the child's view';  organization of work teams and time; pedagogic documentation 

2) Project working in preschool

(example…) PROJECTING METHODS OF WORKING ABOUT THE PRESCHOOL AS AN IMPORTANT ECOLOGICAL ACTOR IN THE NEIGHBOURING COMMUNITY. This project examines a group of preschool children's exploration of the diversity in the meadow near their preschool, about the meeting with an entomologist and the collaboration that arises. The focus is both on the children and how the pedagogical documentation and reflection become important for the didactic choices that the educators make when research and accepted knowledge have an important place in the preschool. It is a story about the preschool as a democratic meeting place where the children participate with their exploration, their conversations and their initiatives, and about how this creates friendships and processes outside the preschool. 

3) Swedish preschool in a context – political and cultural, as well as Reggio Emilia Inspiration in Swedish primary school. 

Three visits to Reggio Emilia-inspired preschools: 

visit to see how the educational philosophy from Reggio Emilia is evolving in practice in different Swedish preschools in different areas: Nynäshamn, Haninge, Huddinge.

Dates, Details & Booking

Date Monday 4th March 2024
End Date Wednesday 6th March 2024
Available places 12
Price £850
Location/Map ReggioEmilia Institutet, Stockholm

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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