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                    ... to our programme for 2023 - 4.

Centres are showing great enthusiasm to connect and grow, and we will be offering seminars, events and exchanges to maximise the potential of these times.

If you are interested in discussing bespoke professional development possibilities for your centre please get in touch.

Go HERE if you want to read about past events, presentations seminars.


Reggio SW 2016 imageA one-week study visit to learn about and be inspired by the world-renowned educational approach of the preschools and infant-toddler centres of Reggio Emilia. This course will explore the key principles underpinning the Reggio approach to early childhood education. It will involve lectures, presentations, discussion groups, exhibitions, visits to preschools and infant-toddler centres.

Date Sunday 15th April 2018
End Date Friday 20th April 2018
Available places 0
Price £1,490
Please Note: We have now reached our registration capacity, but you can still sign up on a waiting list, in case a space occurs.
Location/Map Reggio Emilia, Italy

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

documentation and displaydocumentation displayed"We are a Reggio inspired school with a beautiful learning environment and exciting child led curriculum. As a research school, we are involved in many national and international projects linked to early learning. Our aim is to create 'a community of learning where there are endless opportunities to discover together through curiosity, creativity and play."

Madeley Nursery School in Telford are keen participants in Sightlines' Network since 2000. This day  is designed for those wanting to explore the possible ways of practicing the principles of an environment of enquiry, and engage in dialogue with a committed staff group who are making keen endeavours to explore and develop their own practice. 

The day will begin promptly at 9a.m. at the Nursery, with an introduction followed by time to observe in the morning. After lunch there will be opportunities for discussion, and at the close of the school day, general discussion with staff. We will explore how the principles of Sightlines Initiative can be developed in your daily practice; the influences and insprations from Reggio, and the inevitable challenges. 

Date Friday 2nd February 2018
Price £160
Member Discount 10%
Location/Map Madeley, Telford

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Dogs Bones Dancing smDoS quote 3

  • Are you looking for ways in which your children can explore their world through music and movement?
  • Are you intrigued by this concept and want to know more?

Then get access (for free) to Dogs, Bones and Dancing.

This online slideshow/video summarises our 2 year project with a nursery and primary school in Kendal. Discover what we did, what we learned, what obstacles we faced and how the children engaged.

We are making this free to view: you just have to register: when you do, you'll be sent the link.

Date Monday 25th December 2017

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

West Midlands (Warwicks.) Network Open Meeting

To reflect and build from previous work, develop new work and introduce new people.

Date Saturday 2nd December 2017
Price £10
Member Discount free
Times 10 - 12.30
Location/Map Atherstone Nursery School

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

West Midlands (Telford) Network Open Meeting

How do we plan environments that are open to be transformed by children in creative and innovative ways?

Madeley Nov17

The network will share ideas and understanding of how to enrich their settings so that they invite children to participate in learning.

This meeting will be held at Madeley Nursery School and will include a focused workshop on the decisions, dilemmas and opportunities of educators when planning for and preparing the studio space.

Date Saturday 25th November 2017
Price £10
Member Discount free
Times 10 - 12.30
Location/Map Madeley, Telford

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

forest track 1932

This second day of our weekend with Moira Nicolosi, pedagogista of Reggio Emilia, will focus, seminar-style, on exploring participants’ issues in the development of their educational practice.

It gives us the opportunity for detailed exchange with Moira, our Reggio colleague, and explore aspects of work which you have been focussing on in your educational settings.

Date Sunday 12th November 2017
Price £150
Location/Map Institute of Education, London

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Imagine a world where educators, families, the community build education together with their children ...

remida piazza prampolini 2005a

  • How can parents, educators and policy-makers work together to activate education fit for children?
  • How can educators, parents and children communicate, value and share their learning?

A conference day exploring the vital experience of Reggio Emilia, a modern European city, for all concerned in defending and building education in the UK.

Reggio Emilia regards itself as 'a city of education.'  Since 1945 this experience has grown with parents, community, educators striving to grow and understand and prioritise, working closely together all the way.

In a period in the UK when educators and parents are finding a common voice to express what education should be like for their children, in a time when ‘policy’ is increasingly at odds with these visions, it is a time to learn and act.

The experience of the citizens of Reggio has much to say to us, in these times.
This day will explore the inspiring experience of parents and educators of Reggio Emilia learning and building schools together, brick by brick, and discovering how their preschool and primary education is being nurtured and made visible in the city. We will consider how the Reggiane experience can inform the efforts of UK educators and parents in creating intelligent education together.

Presentations by Moira Nicolosi, Reggio Emilia educator, with additional UK examples from Sightlines’ Network.

Date Saturday 11th November 2017
Price £195
Presenters Moira Nicolosi - pedagogista, Reggio Emilia
Times 9.45 - 4.15
Location/Map Institute of Education, London
Download info All Our Futures - parents educators together for early childhood edn. Nov 17.pdf

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

London ReFocus Open Meeting

London ReFocus, as part of the Sightlines-Initiative Network, invites early educators, artists and others in developing a creative and reflective approach to early years’ education and inspired in their practice by the pre-schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

In this seminar Kate will share reflections from a research visit to Reggio-inspired preschools in Stockholm, focusing on their use of digital technologies as part of a ‘hundred languages’ approach. Sharing examples of practice, Kate will consider how digital technologies might present potentials for young children’s meaning-making in multiple modes and the pedagogy behind their use.

Kate is a Research Associate at UCL Institute of Education. Her research interests include play, creativity, literacies and digital technologies in early childhood. Before joining UCL IOE, Kate was a nursery teacher in a Reggio-inspired children’s centre in Cambridgeshire.

Date Thursday 9th November 2017
Price £10
Member Discount 100%
Presenters Kate Cowan, Institute of Education, UCL
Times 4 - 6p.m.
Location/Map Little Jungle Day Nursery, London

We are no longer accepting registration for this event