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Modern Childhood 06/07 (Reggio Emilia Institute, Stockholm)

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This magazine is published by The Swedish Reggio Emilia Institute.

About the Swedish Reggio Emilia Institute

Over the years The Swedish Reggio Emilia Institute has organized meetings for the representatives of the different local networks which have been growing throughout the country. From 1997 a conference called "Teaching Days" in the spring and another called "Dialogue Conference" in the fall have replaced the smaller network meetings. Both of the current meetings are held during a two day period. These conferences are organized in collaboration with local netoworks in different places around Sweden. The "Teaching Days" are for teachers to show their work to each other in small groups interlaced with lectures. The "Dialogue Conference" contains lectures and discussions in small groups around specific themes.

Today there are approximately 50 local networks in Sweden and approximately 20 of these are within the Stockholm area. These also participate in the newly started regional networks in which the other Nordic countries also participate. The board of the cooperative association is responsible for coordinating and planning the "Teachers Days" and the "Dialogue Days" as well as other activities.

Publisher: The Swedish Reggio Emilia Institute.

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