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Reggio Children publications

We stock a core selection of Reggio Children publications. If there is something of theirs which you want but we aren't listing, we can make a special order for you - just email us.

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Making Learning Visible

Children as Individual and Group Learners'. From the research project conducted by Project Zero at Harvard School of Education and Reggio Children.

Involves teachers and pedagogistas from the Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia and researchers at Project Zero.

This is a crucial resource for all teams of educators, heads, managers engaged in researching and extablishing creative, reflective pedagogy.
Published by Reggio Children (2001)


Mobility of Expression

The importance of looking at yourself for constructing your identity.

An A3 folder collection of portraits made by the children at Pablo Neruda Preschool for giving themselves a face, a body, speech, thought, and emotion.

Published by Reggio Children (1995)


Mosaic of Marks, Words, Material

With this investigation we tried, as much as it is possible, to gain a better understanding of this interweaving of languages of meaning-making and expression with the aim to restore to drawing, to the instruments and materials, to words and to the children, all the cognitive and expressive richness they generate. Though drawing and words are autonomous languages, for the children words and stories, silent or spoken, almost always go hand in hand or interwine with the drawing, creating an intelligent and often poetic mosaic.

Drawing and telling stories means imagining, analyzing and exploring spaces, forms, colours, words, metaphors, emotions, rhythms and pauses, entering into a narrative dimension that is both internal and external to the self, playing on reality, fiction and interpretation.

With contributions by: Paola Cagliari, Claudia Giudici, Daniela Lanzi, Deanna Margini, Antonia Monticelli, Annalisa Rabotti, Mirella Ruozzi, Paola Strozzi, Ivana Soncini, Vea Vecchi


Not Just Anyplace DVD

The documentary film on the history of Reggio Emilia’s municipal centres for early childhood, with historical pictures and interviews with the protagonists.
The narrative of more than a century of educational history.

Directed by Michele Fasano
Produced by Reggio Children with the International Association Friends of Reggio Children, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia
English translation by Gabriella Grasselli and Leslie Morrow

2002, DVD, running time: 72’


One City, Many Children

This recounts the story of the birth and development of Reggio Emilia's early years services, the nido and scuola d'infanzia.  It brings together the voices and thoughts of many 'protagonists' and which refers to many sources.

A collective autobiography, an impassioned history that weaves with other histories, in a long and subtle skein of what Loris Malaguzzi called threads of silk: "A history made in this way could pass for a history that has travelled down the years and seasons without a cloud... Instead experiences of this kind, so anomalous, always walk on threads of silk." (Loris Malaguzzi, 1993)

The narrative is developed through a number of broad themes: city and families participation, the active role of women and women's movements, the politics of education in the city's municipal administration, the ties between pedagogy and politics, the originality of pedagogical thinking of Loris Malaguzzi and of the Reggio Emilia education project, and the strongly international identity of what is a local experience.

These themes, all topical and capable of generating new questions on education, on the role of schools, and as their highest aspiration, on the culture of children and human beings, are explored more deeply through contributions and considerations from architects, atelieristas, designers, academics, philosophers, photographers, teachers, pedagogues and pedagogistas, poets, film directors, scientists, writers and historians: the theory of the hundred languages of children here shapes the construction of the narrative form. Certainly, a book which takes sides, on and by the side of all children.

With interviews and texts by Renzo Bonazzi, Simona Bonilauri, Ettore Borghi, Jerome Bruner, Antonio Canovi, Luciano Corradini, Gunilla Dahlberg, Graziano Delrio, Paul Ginsborg, Loris Malaguzzi, Carla Rinaldi, Vea Vecchi.  Edited by Rolando Baldini, Ilaria Cavallini, Peter Moss and Vania Vecchi. English translation Jane Mc Call.


Participation Is An Invitation

Citizen, Citizenship, Participation

This DVD was created during the preparation of the exhibition 'Participation is an Invitation' in relation to the exchange with the international photography festival Fotografia Europea. The theme of the 2012 exhibit, which served as the framework of this project, was “Common Life: Images for the Community of Citizens”, and involved local schoolchildren from the infant-toddler centers to middle school.

During the meetings, as the children used different expressive languages to investigate and interpret the themes and meanings of community and citizenship, their words and ideas emerged more and more clearly.

It was immediately visible (and audible!) that we were building a sort of alphabet, a lexicon that inventoried the value of citizenship, participation, city, public places, migration, rights, duties…

The children’s reflections represent a special occasion to re-launch, also in other contexts, the themes of welcome, borders, and democracy, and to elicit, we hope, new stories and new opportunities for listening.

running time: 23 minutes

DVD – NTSC and PAL; Audio: Italian stereo; Subtitles: English



A collection of papers from North American authors and educators representing a variety of perspectives on the implications of the Reggio Approach on early childhood education.

Edited by Lilian G.Katz  and Bernard Cesarone

Published by ERIC/Junior (1994)


Reggio Tutta

Commissioned by Reggio Emilia's tourist board, the children of Reggio Emilia's preschools have made a  portrait of the city, along with essays, contributions, and notes on the educational context.

"At night the sky talks to the trees. The trees make a kind of music that comes out of their leaves and the flowers, too; the wind is the loudest music, the air is softest. It's the seed that, when it gets big, says "pine", but in silence, under the ground, and then the tree remembers its name.. "
The way the children recount their personal experiences and sentiments  depict  a city that is positive, livable, and welcoming: drawings of streets, squares, monuments, churches and buildings.

Published by Reggio Children (2001)


Remida Day

A book that describes the first four years of the Remida Day initiative dedicated to recycling, based on the experience of the Remida Creative Recycling Center.

Edited by AGAC, Friends of Reggio Children Association, Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, REMIDA.

Sixteen events designed to support the culture of creative recycling and promote ethical behavior that opposes the 'throwaway' culture.


Published by Reggio Children


Shoe & Meter

First approaches to the discovery, workings, and uses of measures: from a project in the Diana Preschool.

In the story told here, the children are confronted with a real life situation: the school needs another work table, one that will be identical to the others, the same size and same shape. So what can we do? The children suggest that we call in a carpenter and ask him to build us the table. But how can we show him what we want? The carpenter says: 'Give me all the measurements and I'll make you the table'. The children agree to give him all the measurements. But the carpenter immediately puts them on guard by asking: 'Do you know how to measure?'

 Published by Reggio Children (1997)

An important book for all those interested in how to work with children on 'real-life' mathemetical learning experiences.


The Black Rubber Column

During the explorations in the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre before it was opened to the public, children are enchanted by the columns in the Exhibition hall.

They decide to prepare a gift for them: a series of garments made of different materials that columns can wear on and change.

From the planning to the realisation of the final draft of The Black Rubber Column of the Diana Preschool: a small and precious narration reveals children’s learning strategies.

Texts and photographs by Isabella Meninno


Published by Reggio Children (2009) as part of the 'Wonder of Learning' series


The Diary of Laura

Perspectives on a Reggio Emilia Diary 

Through the voices of Carolyn Edwards and Carlina Rinaldi this book presents a powerful tool of observation, reflection and professional development for educators.

An assemblage of affectionately written notes and photographs, the original diary chronicles the journey of one child’s first month in a infant-toddler centre in Reggio Emilia.

It includes international reflections on the significant learning from educators' diary of a young child in a Reggio Emilia infant-toddler centre.

Published by Redleaf Press (2008)


The Fountains

Story of a project carried out when children at Villetta Preschool decided the birds visiting the schol gardens needed an amusement park

The idea of 'what to do' begins to take shape during the class assembly. What this idea will turn out to be, if and when the children decide on it,.... In this project the initial idea was to create a freshwater lake for the thirsty birds that inhabit the school grounds.

An account of a creative investigation into water cycles - a scientific & geographic learning experience.

Published by Reggio Children (1995)


The Future is a Lovely Day

From a project carried out in the Fiastri and Rodari Municipal Preschools of Sant Ilario d'Enza (Province of Reggio Emilia), a book that collects thoughts and predictions on the future by five- and six- year-old children.

"The future can only be seen in the witch's glass ball. We can't see it: I don't know if I'm going to be good tomorrow! To know that you have to study, to think with your head. The future is tomorrow 'cause the glass ball shows you what there'll be tomorrow or what there was before."


Published by Reggio Children (2001)

An inventive and profound presentation of the depth of children's learning, imagination, undertanding as philosophers and thinkers. Once you read this you will be unable to regard children as 'infantile thinkers.'


The Hundred Languages of Children - Catalogue

Catalogue of the exhibition 'The Hundred Languages of Children' that has been travelling successfully for many years around the world.

The book, with the contributions by different authors, presents through a rich and diversified documentation the evolution of the pedagogical experience in Reggio Emilia and Loris Malaguzzi’s thinking.

With contributions, among others, by Giulio Carlo Argan, Andrea Branzi, Jerome Bruner, Paola Cagliari, Tullio De Mauro, Jurij Ljubimov, Loris Malaguzzi, Clotilde Pontecorvo, Carla Rinaldi

Edited by Tiziana Filippini and Vea Vecchi; graphic design by Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi

 Published by Reggio Children