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Remida Day

A book that describes the first four years of the Remida Day initiative dedicated to recycling, based on the experience of the Remida Creative Recycling Center.

Edited by AGAC, Friends of Reggio Children Association, Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, REMIDA.

Sixteen events designed to support the culture of creative recycling and promote ethical behavior that opposes the 'throwaway' culture.


Published by Reggio Children


Rising Sun Woodland Preschool Project

"A dragon in a tree, blossoming bluebells and daffodils, fungi, an enormous muddy pond, a chance to make fire...

Whenever the nursery children from Redesdale First School in North Tyneside go down to the nearby Rising Sun Countryside Park, they're sure of a few surprises.

Their weekly visits have introduced them to the great outdoors and allowed them to discover it at their own pace - and to discover new talents and abilities along the way.

It makes for enchanting viewing, as the children discover the magical environment of the woodland and make it their own. In the process, different individuals hone different skills and gain in confidence." (from Alison Mercer, Nursery World 2001)

A transformative film for early educators wanting to ground their creative practice in nature.


Shoe & Meter

First approaches to the discovery, workings, and uses of measures: from a project in the Diana Preschool.

In the story told here, the children are confronted with a real life situation: the school needs another work table, one that will be identical to the others, the same size and same shape. So what can we do? The children suggest that we call in a carpenter and ask him to build us the table. But how can we show him what we want? The carpenter says: 'Give me all the measurements and I'll make you the table'. The children agree to give him all the measurements. But the carpenter immediately puts them on guard by asking: 'Do you know how to measure?'

 Published by Reggio Children (1997)

An important book for all those interested in how to work with children on 'real-life' mathemetical learning experiences.


The Drama of Sound

 - exploring musicality as an expressive language in early childhood education.

In this set of projects the focus has been around musicality.  We explore how we can better offer the concept of music, of listening, of aural capacities, in the early years learning environment.

We work together to support an educational practice which maximises the potential for children to explore, to make enquiries, to exchange their ideas with one another and to express them.

This DVD presents a year-round experience of collaborative work between musicians and educators in two early years settings and an infant school. It is constructed around themes to illustrate the growing strands of learning of both the adults and the children.

'Musicality is an intrinsic part of the possible languages of expression that we as human beings have as a potential to understand the world.'


The Hundred Languages of Children - Catalogue

Catalogue of the exhibition 'The Hundred Languages of Children' that has been travelling successfully for many years around the world.

The book, with the contributions by different authors, presents through a rich and diversified documentation the evolution of the pedagogical experience in Reggio Emilia and Loris Malaguzzi’s thinking.

With contributions, among others, by Giulio Carlo Argan, Andrea Branzi, Jerome Bruner, Paola Cagliari, Tullio De Mauro, Jurij Ljubimov, Loris Malaguzzi, Clotilde Pontecorvo, Carla Rinaldi

Edited by Tiziana Filippini and Vea Vecchi; graphic design by Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi

 Published by Reggio Children


The Wonder of Learning

The catalogue of an important exhibition (2007) which is already travelling around the world; it speaks about the developments and the innovative flair of the educational experience in Reggio Emilia.

Recent projects carried out in the municipal Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools of Reggio Emilia are presented in five different sections: a wide interdisciplinary kaleidoscope crossing different languages and media. The metaphor well representing the whole cultural project is the one of the democratic piazza, a place open to the exchange of opinions so as to build up a new idea and a new experience of citizenship.
Edited by Ilaria Cavallini, Tiziana Filippini, Vea Vecchi and Lorella Trancossi
Graphic design by Rolando Baldini and Vania Vecchi
2011, 216 pages